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Carol Roberts of Bibby Leasing named as European CEO of The Year 2015



Carol Roberts of Bibby Leasing awarded European CEO of the Year at The Leasing Foundation Annual Conference.

Carol Roberts of Bibby Leasing was named as Leasing Foundation European CEO of The Year 2015 at The Leasing Foundation’s Third Annual Conference at the Siemens Crystal Building on 11 September 2015.

In announcing the award, Chair of judges Andy Hart, said:

“As you’d expect with the quality of leaders we have in the Industry, choosing the winning candidate was a challenge. But Carol’s outstanding leadership has driven very strong results within their business during the past five years, with Bibby Leasing on track to increase profits by 300% since 2010. She has improved efficiencies significantly and has worked on e-commerce and excellence in service in her business to compete with increased competition in the marketplace. Carol is particularly proud of the growth of her business, increased profits for shareholders and the results from her investments in the people at Bibby Leasing”.

The judging panel noted that Carol has worked hard to recruit and mentor young talent to find their true potential and continue to grow within the business, with the result that Carl Daufer was the winner of The Leasing Foundation Future Leaders award.

The panel also highlighted that Carol has worked on fundraising to support many charities including the Soldiers and Sailors Air force Association, and that she is a strong campaigner for diversity.

Carol serves as part of the Women in Leasing initiative, in addition to actively serving as a Governor and Board member of The Leasing Foundation.

The panel also identified a runner-up for the award, Mike Randall of Close Asset Finance, for his impressive Business performance and contribution to the Leasing Foundation.

About the Award

The European CEO of the Year award is presented by The Leasing Foundation to an individual whose passionate leadership has not only ensured that their company thrives in a constantly changing business environment, but one who is focused on nurturing the leasing industry and who has demonstrated a commitment in his or her own business to the principles on which the Foundation is based.

The award was judged by a panel of industry leaders including Sam Geneen and Lisa Marks, based on nominations from the industry. Written feedback was sought from those shortlisted on how they had led and delivered strong results for their business and The Leasing Foundation in several key areas including: business performance; responsiveness to change; key initiatives; and adherence to the principles of The Leasing Foundation and involvement with its activities.

The previous winner of the award was Jonathan Andrew of Siemens Financial Services.