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The Catalysts: Artti Aurasmaa – Life as a Lease

The Catalysts  meet for the first time on Wednesday March 19 2014, when a small number of  key influencers in the industry will join a discussion that will set the agenda for innovation in leasing and asset finance for the rest of the decade.

Artti Aurasmaa, CEO of 3 Step IT, will discuss how limited natural resources require changes in how we consume and produce assets, how need to move from disposable to renewable, from single use to re-use and from owning to sharing and how a  properly developed and executed asset finance solution is a key part of a more sustainable economic model.

You can download his paper Life as a Lease.

This event will be livestreamed via Mixlr Audio and transcript will be archived on Soundcloud

We’ll also publish on channels including LinkedInG+ and on our own platform Leasing360.  You can also follow us on Twitter with the hashtag #foundationcatalysts