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The Catalysts March 2014 – full transcript and audio

Audio of the first Catalysts meeting at CHP Consulting in London  is available on Soundcloud.


The full transcript can be downloaded from

Key quotes from the discussion:

ANDREW DENTON: “We sit in an industry that famous within for its innovation. We do some particularly interesting things, in terms of the services we provide and the kind of structures that we create. But we don’t really have frameworks for innovation. We don’t have collaboration within the industry. As much as we possibly can we need to share thoughts on innovation, and create frameworks, and try to better institutionalize innovation. Today will be a start to doing that, and other people will join that debate.”

ARTTI AURASMAA: “A radical approach would be that typically leasing is not considered as a primary purchase. You go, you want to buy something, and then you start thinking, “How do I finance it?” Leasing is not a financing option. Ideally, we could see it completely differently, because if we would see the world in the way that…it’s not about possession, it’s about the use, it is about access, then actually what we are not selling is financing, but it is a new way of using and acquiring assets. That’s what we are trying to do. Leasing is a tool in the background to provide our customers with their new model of utilizing the assets, and having the most suitable assets available at all times, hence that should be one of the steps to really change completely the reputation of leasing. Right now, the challenge is, because of what has happened in the last five or six years, the financial sector overall doesn’t have too great of a reputation.”

NICK GALLOP: “The biggest buyers of intangible assets are the technology companies, and the biggest creators of intangible assets. The amount that they invest daily in buying companies that have nothing except some software or a forecast revenue stream, which is the great example, isn’t it, of WhatsApp? Dell was a great user of WhatsApp, and now that’s quiet. The money paid for WhatsApp by Facebook is phenomenal. All intangible. These guys are much more into investing in intangible assets, and are very happy to put money down on forecast future revenue streams. That’s going to be quite a challenge for us to do because I have a feeling that we’re not probably in that space.”

ROGER SKINNER: “Product innovation cannot be well executed without making sure you can have the appropriate processes to deliver. Every day through, from an organizational perspective, I think, you just challenge within your organization and looking at the processes about how you do what you do. That’s really important, based on the external environment, because there are many things happening externally that completely change the way you would handle things yourselves as an organization. You really must have a good, continuous external perspective to review how you look at your processes. ”

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