The Catalysts: Nick Gallop – Necessity is the Mother of Innovation

The Catalysts  meet for the first time on Wednesday March 19 2014, when a small number of  key influencers in the industry will join a discussion that will set the agenda for innovation in leasing and asset finance for the rest of the decade.

Nick Gallop, Marketing Director EMEA for Dell Financial Services,  will discuss innovation by process combination and how it helps customers discover financing as an option, enables financing of new types of business and improves the end of lease experience for customer, parent & captive.

You can download his paper Necessity is the Mother of Innovation.

This event will be livestreamed via Mixlr Audio and transcript will be archived on Soundcloud

We’ll also publish on channels including LinkedInG+ and on our own platform Leasing360.  You can also follow us on Twitter with the hashtag #foundationcatalysts