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The Catalysts in Paris – Roger skinner on frameworks for innovation

“It is critical that innovation is never buried away in the business. It must be embraced by the CEO and the Board. If it isn’t, the core business may drag it off into a dark alley and kill it. Innovation is both a threat and a distraction to the core business.”

Roger SkinnerRoger Skinner, CEO of Maxxia, will be talking with fellow Catalysts Artti Aurasmaa, Nick Gallop, Andrew Denton and guest Jonathan Andrew at the Foundation’s Paris conference about how to re-capture the entrepreneurial spirit with a framework to institutionalize innovation.


You can download Roger’s position paper Roger Skinner – innovation, innovation, innovation and also join us in Paris at the Foundation’s Second Annual Conference on 3 October, hosted by Société Générale Equipment Finance. Register at Eventbrite.

About the Catalysts

Bold, far-reaching and decisive changes in how the industry innovates are required at this inflection point if the industry is to remain relevant, dynamic, useful and profitable.

The Leasing Foundation has drawn together a group of insightful and influential industry leaders to create a blueprint for open innovation in leasing and asset finance.

This group are The Catalysts. 

Their role is to start a new conversation about innovation. To do it they are drawing on deep experience of innovation in their own companies, and of innovation by their partners, suppliers and customers, to identify the open innovation opportunities that are latent in the market and help the industry understand how to exploit them.