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Diversity Advisor joins Leasing Foundation

Stephanie Strickland, currently R&D Manager for the Association of Business Schools, has joined the Leasing Foundation as an associate adviser for the Foundation’s diversity activity Women in Leasing.

Stephanie holds an MSc in Gender and International Development from the London School of Economics and Political Science. She is one of the editors of LSE’s Engenderings, which brings together social and political science, media studies, philosophy, environmental studies and technology to explore gender in culture, politics, business and society.

Stephanie says “Based on my research in equality and diversity and my work with the LSE’s Gender Institute, I am looking forward to offering insights to the Leasing Foundation’s Women in Leasing project and working with Mary McNamara and the other women Governors and Fellows to take the project forward”.

Peter Thomas, one of the Foundation’s Directors says “We are excited that Stephanie is able to join us to work on Women in Leasing. We think that this is an important topic and one that deserves vigorous debate – and concerted action – across the industry. It’s important in this and many other industries, that women are provided the right challenges and that we work to create inclusive workplaces. Is the approach of the Nordics – creating a more even division of labour at home and at work through parental leave benefits, tax incentives and re-entry programmes – effective; do we focus on encouraging women to establish internal support systems and to reach out more proactively; or do we try to create a wider range of models of success that better fit advocative and collaborative models of working? These issues and more are the ones we hope Women in Leasing will address, building up research findings that can support practical interventions across the industry”.

Download the full release as PDF.