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Foundation Features on List of 50 Most Influential

Three of the Directors of the Leasing Foundation, along with the Foundation Patron, Chris Sullivan and 11 Governors were named in Leasing Life’s Power 50 – a list of the most influential people in the European industry. Derek Soper, Tarun Mistry and Andrew Denton are listed, alongside Governors including George Ashworth, Marie Christine Ducholet, Andy Hart and Ronald Slaats. According to Leasing’s Life’s Grant Collinson, many of those on the list were nominated for their service to trade and association bodies such as the Leasing Foundation.

One of the issues that the list highlights is the the lack of gender diversity at the top of the industry, with a list that is 90% male. This is an issue in focus for the Foundation as it continues to expand its Governors and recruit new Fellows. It is being tackled by Woman in Leasing – a Foundation initiative led by Mary McNamara, and involving women Governors and Fellows Marie-Christine Ducholet, Carol Roberts, Sharon Butler, Carmen Ene, Lisa Marks and Joanne Davies.

Professor Peter Thomas, Director of the Foundation, said “We have been talking about this issue from the moment the Foundation was created. The common sense idea we are pursuing is ‘why should the industry limit its talent pool to a specific group when there is such a diversity of people who can make a contribution?’. That’s why going forward, the Foundation will look for opportunities to create diversity – in our Governors, through our Fellows, and importantly by creating ways for a diversity of people to enter the industry through our educational offerings”.