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Foundation Launches Education Consultation

Leasing-Foundation-Education-2The Leasing Foundation has recently started a consultation process to understand the needs of the leasing and asset finance industry in terms of education. The purpose of the consultation is to start a discussion about education and development in the industry. It is intended to catalyse opinion, start debate and create change.

The consultation paper Education for asset finance: new routes to recognition, professionalism and reward explores a variety of options that can provide routes into leasing and asset finance careers that demystify the industry and open up career options thus ensuring a continual flow of talent to regenerate the industry.

Anyone with an interest in education in the leasing and asset finance industry is invited to respond. Please provide whatever comments you think are valuable from your personal perspective or your organisation’s point of view – whether they are positive, negative or represent a completely divergent way of seeing the issues.

Read more and download the paper.