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Leasing Foundation Future Leaders programme recruits second cohort of young and talented future leaders

We are delighted to announce the participants in the second cohort of The Foundation’s Future Leaders programme. They are:

Kim Hartley sponsored by Rich Green at CIT
Frederic Laurent sponsored by Andrew Denton at CHP
Mette Rolle sponsored by Lisa Marks at Stephenson Harwood
Amanda Scott sponsored by Ian Isaac, at RBS
Matthew Williams sponsored by Neil Davies at Close Brothers
Mark Wilson sponsored by Pete Tegg at Caterpillar Financial.

Leasing Foundation Future Leaders is a programme of leadership development that identifies, nurtures and supports a network of exceptional people who are the future of the industry. It helps these future leaders to develop visionary and strategic competencies for leadership, to achieve excellence, and to act with clarity, courage, and integrity.

Participants are nominated by Foundation Governors. Nominees are individuals who have significant potential to change the face of their organisation and the industry, can commit to working as part of a diverse cohort and who have agreed to remain a supportive alumnus when the programme ends.

The Leasing Foundation Future Leaders programme has emerged organically from our experience of building the Leasing Foundation. It comes from our realisation that there is no focus on the next generation of leaders who will sustain the industry.

Our Governors and Fellows, all of whom are experienced leaders, know that leadership requires a willingness to see the bigger picture and to see that their contribution to the world is more than economic.

They joined the Leasing Foundation to give back, to make a difference and to create meaningful connections. Now they are helping the Foundation focus on the next generation of leaders: leaders whose need is for a different kind of leadership development.

This next generation want to do things that matter and are even more passionate about making a difference. They are more connected, more collegial, and think beyond traditional closed models towards collaboration and shared value.

These future leaders also face new demands – to be more resilient, to be culturally adaptive, to solve new and complex problems, to be inclusive, innovative and imaginative.

We bring together a small number of young and talented people recommended by senior sponsors from the industry. Participants work together in a facilitated learning set where they can draw on each others’ experiences and insights to help explore current and future leadership challenges. The Foundation provides resources including access to senior leaders in The Crucible, executive coaching and industry briefings.

Peter Thomas, along with two of the future leaders – Rachael Woods from CIT, and Carl Daufer from Bibby Leasing – will be speaking at the Leasing Life Conference and Awards 2014 on how the programme works.

The entire group of future leaders will also meet on October 2, ahead of the Foundation’s Second Annual Conference in Paris, sponsored by Société Générale Equipment Finance, for an afternoon of discussion about modern leadership challenges. Rich Green, President CIT Europe, plus Patrick Gouin and Marie-Christine Ducholet from Société Générale, will discuss aspects of the leadership challenge.

Future LeadersYou can download the backgrounder for the Future Leaders programme