The Leasing Foundation Future Leaders –  a group of 9 exceptional people who have been nominated by Governors and Fellows as the brightest new talent in the industry – are starting their development programme with the first meetings hosted by CHP Consulting in London.

Derek Soper, the Foundation’s Chairman, says “The Future Leaders programme has emerged organically from our experience of building the Leasing Foundation, and from our observation that, at an industry level, there is no focus on the next generation of leaders who will sustain the industry. These future leaders face new demands – to be more resilient, to be culturally adaptive, to solve new and complex problems, to be inclusive, innovative and imaginative. The Leasing Foundation wants to support this next generation of leaders.”

The programme is based on an approach called ‘action learning’ which uses group-based discussion to explore real problems, and develop solutions, which can then be applied in practice. A ‘learning set’ comprises a group of people who have shared experiences or challenges and who meet on a regular basis.

The meetings are supported by an experienced facilitator, in this case Professor Robert Macredie, one of the Foundation’s Governors. Talking about action learning, Professor Macredie notes: “Action learning sets not only help to develop solutions to problems that people face through being challenged and drawing on the experiences and insights of others, but they also provide a support network which can be invaluable, and which can persist well beyond the formal/scheduled ‘life’ of the set. The experience is challenging, developmental and professionally and personally rewarding.”

The Leasing Foundation Future Leaders in 2014-2014 are

Ryan Brodley, CHP
Carl Daufer, Bibby Leasing
David Darmoulin, ING
Carolyn Harding, Lombard
Marco Praeschang, NetApp
Christian Roelofs, Grant Thornton
Martin Ward, Shoosmiths
Chris Watts, CAT Financial
Rachael Woods, CIT

The programme is supported by NetApp Capital Solutions, Société Générale Equipment Finance and Bibby Leasing. It includes a range of development activities through the year in partnership with NetApp Capital Solutions, Société Générale Equipment Finance, Bibby Leasing, IAA-Advisory, ABFA, FLA, LeasingLife and others.

Download the full release as PDF.