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Leasing Foundation Launches Future Leaders Programme

brightest-posterThe Leasing Foundation’s First Annual Conference on 30 September marks the launch of Leasing Foundation Future Leaders, a programme that will identify, nurture and support a network of those who are the future of the industry.

Participants are those who have significant potential to change the face of both their organisation and the industry, who are in their 30’s, and who can commit to working as part of a diverse cohort for 12 months.

The programme is free to join, but participants are nominated by Foundation Governors and Fellows and are expected to participate fully and remain a supportive alumnus. The programme will create an action learning network supported by a range of activities to help future leaders develop visionary and strategic competencies for leadership, to achieve excellence, and to act with clarity, courage, and integrity.

The programme is supported by the Leasing Foundation, NetApp Capital Solutions and Société Générale Equipment Finance.

Patrick Gouin, Founding Fellow and Global Head of Strategy & Business Optimization for Société Générale Equipment Finance says: “This is a programme that the industry needs. Identifying and supporting the next generation of leaders is a critical issue. We need to ensure that leaders of the companies in our industry have high levels of emotional intelligence and self-awareness, and are effective in aligning employees around the company’s mission and values, empowering people to lead, and collaborating.”

Derek Soper, Foundation Chairman, notes: “We are delighted that Sharon Butler from NetApp Capital Solutions and Patrick Gouin at Société Générale Equipment Finance have agreed to help us establish and develop the Leasing Foundation Future Leaders. We look forward to working with our first cohort of future leaders to develop this exciting programme that ties into our work on diversity, research and philanthropy”.

The programme will be launched at the annual conference by Professor Keith Grint,  Professor of Public Leadership & Management at Warwick University and Fellow of the Windsor Leadership Trust. Professor Robert Macredie, Foundation Governor, will work with us on developing the action learning network.

Download the full release as PDF.