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The Leasing Foundation

The mission of the Leasing Foundation is to support the leasing and asset finance industry by providing focus and organisation for charitable activities, by performing rigorous, challenging and relevant research in areas that impact the industry, and by seeking opportunities to sustain the industry by developing people in the industry.

The Foundation is advised by a board of Governors from across the industry, and has established the Leasing Foundation Fellowship, an invitation-only community of exceptional leasing and asset finance professionals and also the Leasing Foundation Associates for professionals at any stage in their career.

The Foundation’s activities include: the research and insight publishing platform Leasing360; Women in Leasing, that brings together and develops women in the industry; the Annual Conference, an invitation-only event for Governors and Fellows; and a wide-ranging programme of education, training and development projects, philanthropic activities and research, including our Redefining the Leasing Industry project and the Asset Finance Observatory, the Innovation in Finance Lectures and the Leasing Foundation Future Leaders. 

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Download the Guide to the Leasing Foundation

We’ve created a Guide to the Leasing Foundation that describes some of the principles and projects on which the Foundation is based and introduces some of the people and organisations who support us.

The guide explains the structure of the Foundation, its mission, current and future projects, and how to get involved.

The Leasing Foundation Guide

If you are involved in any Foundation activities you should also read our Competition Law Policy (PDF 70kb).



Our Governors and Fellows


The Leasing Foundation is supported by our Governors and Fellows. The Patrons of the Leasing Foundation are Jonathan Andrew, Chief Executive of the Commercial Finance Division of Siemens Financial Services, and Chris Sullivan, former Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Royal Bank of Scotland.

The Leasing Foundation Governors
A group of senior influencers in the leasing and asset finance industry. 

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Chair of the Governors: Mary McNamara

The role of our Governors is to serve as keepers of the Foundation’s mission, keeping the overall mission of the Foundation clearly in focus; to chart the future direction of the Foundation, helping to ensure that we take into account significant developments in the industry; to shape policy that reflects the values of the Foundation; to provide support by creating access to resources, providing guidance and broadly ensuring that our objectives are being achieved; and to span the boundary between the associations and the industry, creating links to important constituencies to create positive visibility for the Foundation.

The Leasing Foundation Fellows
An invitation-only community of the leading thinkers in leasing and asset finance.

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Chair of the Fellows: Rich Green

Fellowship of the Leasing Foundation is recognition of personal commitment to the leasing industry, and an active participation in the advancement of the industry, that goes beyond an individual’s current employer. Fellowship is by invitation and is offered to individuals at any point in their career who demonstrate both high professional and ethical standards and some or all of the following: an established track record of achievement; a wide knowledge of the industry, or deep knowledge of a specialist area; a demonstrated record of thought leadership; and involvement in activities that nourish and grow the industry. Fellows are individuals who are willing to challenge current thinking and be an active advocate for the industry.

If you wish to join us, or would like to suggest someone who you think should join us, please talk to us at

Leasing Foundation Associates are industry professionals who would like to support, contribute and be involved with the Foundation but who do not yet wish to become a Fellow

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Leasing Foundation Associates are industry professionals who would like to support, contribute and be involved with the Foundation but who do not yet wish to become a Fellow. Associates can come from any specialism, from any segment of the industry and be at any stage in their career.

Advisers, students, interns and volunteers

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The Foundation welcomes applications from individuals who want to learn more about the leasing and asset finance industry. Students at higher education institutions across Europe, Africa and Asia can work with us on research projects; volunteers can assist with the work of the Foundation; and advisers can provide specialist expertise.

To discuss how you can help, contact 

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The Leasing Foundation Partners

Our Partnership Programme allows us to collaborate with organisations large and small where we can add reciprocal value, help create joined-up thinking and share knowledge. Members of partner organisations are invited to the Foundation’s Annual Conference and work with us in areas such as education, research, philanthropy, diversity, innovation and leadership.



The 3D Printing Association advances awareness and implementation of 3D printing and additive manufacturing around the world.




The Captives ForumThe Captives Forum community is a coming together of Manufacturer owned finance companies whose main activity is to finance the acquisition of equipment, services or software for customers of the manufacturer.





EVPA is a membership association made up of organisations interested in or practicing venture philanthropy and social investment across Europe. Established in 2004, the association aims to be the home as well as the highest-value catalytic network of European social investors, venture philanthropists and foundations committed to using venture philanthropy and social investment tools to target societal impact.



To discuss joining the Partnership Programme, talk to us at




Leasing Foundation Future Leaders is a programme of leadership development that identifies, nurtures and supports a network of exceptional people who are the future of the industry.

“The Future Leaders programme has been an excellent opportunity to build networks, discuss challenges in a supporting environment, and gain insight into the leasing industry from key industry leaders.”
Martin Ward, Leasing Foundation Future Leader 2013-15, Shoosmiths

It helps these future leaders to develop visionary and strategic competencies for leadership, to achieve excellence, and to act with clarity, courage, and integrity.

A fantastic opportunity to meet with likeminded people and gain exposure to some  mentors who will enhance your career progression and opportunities.
Carl Daufer, Leasing Foundation Future Leader 2013-15, Bibby Leasing

 Future Leaders 2013-14

Ryan Brodley sponsored by Andrew Denton at CHP
Carl Daufer sponsored by Carol Roberts at Bibby Leasing
David Darmoulin
sponsored by Patrick Beselaere at ING
Carolyn Harding 
sponsored by Alison Andrews at Lombard
Marco Praeschang 
sponsored by Sharon Butler at NetApp
Christian Roelofs
 sponsored by Tarun Mistry at Grant Thornton
Martin Ward 
sponsored by Melanie Chell at Shoosmiths
Chris Watts 
sponsored by Peter Tegg at CAT Financial
Rachael Woods 
sponsored by Mary McNamara at CIT

 Future Leaders 2014-15
Kim Hartley sponsored by Rich Green at CIT
Frederic Laurent sponsored by Andrew Denton at CHP
Mette Rolle sponsored by Lisa Marks at Stephenson Harwood
Amanda Scott sponsored by Ian Isaac, at Lombard
Matthew Williams sponsored by Neil Davies at Close Brothers
Mark Wilson sponsored by Pete Tegg at Caterpillar Financial

 Future Leaders 2015-16

Danielle Grey sponsored by Ian Isaac at Lombard
Ross Rutherford sponsored by Allan Ross at FiF
Emma Tydeman sponsored by Andrew Denton at CHP
James Lovett sponsored by Funding Circle 
Jamie Chaplin sponsored byYvonne Wiseman at MetroBank
Laura Capper sponsored by Ian Isaac at Lombard
Mark Almond sponsored by Tarun Mistry at Grant Thornton
Paul Slapa sponsored by Sean Reed at Syscap

Leasing Foundation Education

The Future leaders programme provides an excellent opportunity to engage in a range of unique learning experiences. Gaining valuable insight from leaders in the industry and being able to network with other future leaders are the highlights of this innovative programme.
Amanda Scott, Leasing Foundation Future Leader 2014-16, Lombard


The facilitator for the action learning network is Professor Robert Macredie, Brunel University.

Advisory Group

Sharon Butler  NetApp Capital Solutions
Dr Tim Gibson  SSCL
Patrick Gouin  Société Générale Equipment Finance/ Max & Tite International
Rich Green CIT
Professor Robert Macredie Brunel University
Carol Roberts Bibby Leasing
Professor Peter Thomas The Leasing Foundation

The programme provides an opportunity to be exposed to and learn from existing leaders in our industry. It also allows us to learn about other jobs within the industry and to create a network which we will hopefully maintain throughout our career.
Frederic Laurent, Leasing Foundation Future Leader 2014-16, CHP Consulting.

How were the participants chosen? 

Participants are nominated by Foundation Governors. Nominees are individuals who have significant potential to change the face of their organisation and the industry, can commit to working as part of a diverse cohort and who have agreed to remain a supportive alumnus when the programme ends.

“The course provides invaluable insight into many of the largest leasing businesses in Europe, and the opportunity to network with fellow cohort members and some of the top professionals in the industry is what really sets the course apart. As it is run by the industry, for the industry, I have felt from the outset that the senior figures taking part in the project take an interest in those who are involved and I have made some fantastic connections which I hope to maintain over my career.”
Matt Williams, Leasing Foundation Future Leader 2014-16, Close Brothers.

 Why are we doing this?

We are creating a unique, world-class leadership programme that identifies, nurtures and supports a network of exceptional people who are the future of the industry. It is a leadership programme that is centred on authentic, relevant personal development and reflection. Importantly, it is led from within the industry with the support and commitment of the Foundation’s Fellows and Governors.

The Leasing Foundation Future Leaders programme has emerged organically from our experience of building the Leasing Foundation. It comes from our realisation that there is no focus on the next generation of leaders who will sustain the industry.

I bought into the concept of a programme that was designed to stimulate discussion and to expose us to different segments of the industry –  rather than a classroom style learning experience.
Chris Watts, Leasing Foundation Future Leader 2013-15, Caterpillar Financial

Our Governors and Fellows, all of whom are experienced leaders, know that leadership requires a willingness to see the bigger picture and to see that their contribution to the world is more than economic.

They joined the Leasing Foundation to give back, to make a difference and to create meaningful connections. Now they are helping the Foundation focus on the next generation of leaders: leaders whose need is for a different kind of leadership development.

This next generation want to do things that matter and are even more passionate about making a difference. They are more connected, more collegial, and think beyond traditional closed models towards collaboration and shared value.

These future leaders also face new demands – to be more resilient, to be culturally adaptive, to solve new and complex problems, to be inclusive, innovative and imaginative.

The Future Leaders programme has provided a thought-provoking platform to discuss real-world problems with some of the most impressive minds in the industry. This programme allows you build relationships with likeminded people and the diverse nature of the participants guarantees that every person can learn from other people’s experiences.
Ryan Brodley, Leasing Foundation Future Leader 2013-15, CHP Consulting

 How does it work?

We bring together a small number of young and talented people recommended by senior sponsors from the industry.

Participants work together in a facilitated learning set where they can draw on each others’ experiences and insights to help explore current and future leadership challenges.

The Foundation provides resources including access to senior leaders in The Crucible, executive coaching and industry briefings.

Future Leaders explore issues including how to connect strategy to purpose, how to identify, nurture and create excellence, how to act imaginatively and inclusively and how to focus on creating shared value.

 Structured Development

The programme is delivered in collaboration with NetApp Capital Solutions, Lombard, CHP, Grant Thornton, Metro Bank, First Independent Finance, Funding Circle, Close Brothers, Stephenson Harwood, ING, Shoosmiths, CAT Financial, Locke Lord, Bibby Leasing, CIT, Honda Financial Services and Société Générale Equipment Finance.


NetApp Outstanding Future Leader Award

512px-Netapp_logo.svgNetApp Capital Solutions generously sponsored the Outstanding Future Leader Award in 2014. The winner of the award from the first cohort of Future Leaders was Carl Daufer from Bibby Leasing. The award recognised Carl’s commitment to the programme and his outstanding potential for growth and achievement.



Our work on education in the asset finance industry


 New routes to recognition, professionalism and reward 

The Leasing Foundation’s approach to education in the leasing and asset finance industry has been driven by an industry-wide consultation process which took place in 2013. The purpose of the consultation was to start a discussion about education and development in the industry, catalyse opinion, and create change.

Leasing-Foundation-Education-smallThe consultation paper Education for asset finance: new routes to recognition, professionalism and reward explores a variety of routes into leasing and asset finance careers that can demystify the industry and open up career options,  ensuring a continual flow of talent to regenerate the industry.

We think that we need to help employers retain and develop talented people to ensure the continued health of the industry, and perhaps more challenging, build an education, training and development framework that recognises the need to make professionalism accessible and visible inside and outside the industry and develops and retains the best people in the industry.

Whatever role the Foundation takes in education for the industry should complement and enhance existing provision. But we also believe that it is our obligation to look for innovative approaches that open up new opportunities for the industry – both in the UK, but also across Europe and beyond.

comment-educationWe know that education and training is being disrupted by technology, making traditional models look ineffective and expensive. While many companies see learning and development as a necessity, the requirement is for faster and more effective outcomes – content delivered in shorter bursts, integrated with workplace experiences, adaptive and delivered online – and increasingly to mobile platforms. Any offer from the Foundation will need to take account of this disruption. We also know that there is a mass of content available – often for free – that learners can and will use.

The document presents an analysis based on discussions inside the Foundation, a set of possible options and some suggestions for opportunities.

You can download the consultation paper.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.
© The Leasing Foundation 2013.


A Proper EducationWe followed the consultation with a statement on how we build a long-term infrastructure for education, training and development for leasing and asset finance. The priority is to bring new talent into the industry, and take ownership of the education, training and development process through shared platforms and the creation of new learning products and services. Foundation COO Peter Thomas outlined the opportunities in his presentation ‘A proper Education‘ on Slideshare.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.
© The Leasing Foundation 2014.

 The MA in Leasing and Asset Finance 


MA Card back

The MA in Leasing and Asset Finance is designed and delivered in association with Falmouth University.

It focuses on innovation and creativity in the leasing and asset finance industry with industry-specific learning packages created by the Foundation. Mentors from the Foundation will support learners who want to accelerate their progress in the industry through workplace-based projects.

You can learn more about the programme at


Leading research for leasing and asset finance.



The Leasing Foundation’s research agenda brings together the expertise, insight and resources of the Governors, Founding Fellows and Fellows across Europe, Africa and Asia to create challenging, insightful and relevant research and commentary for the leasing and asset finance industry.


Leasing 360Leasing360 is an insights platform that includes evidence-based research, critical insight from industry specialists, and editorial and commentary.

Leasing360 aims to become a key resource for understanding the industry, a constantly updated map of what people, trends and product innovations are driving the industry, and a stimulus for debate and discussion about the future of the industry. It examines the industry from a variety of perspectives: those of lessors and lessees; in terms of new technology and its impacts on the industry; from a regulatory perspective; and from a wider historical, economic and social perspective.

Leasing360 is structured as a set of vertical and horizontal channels. The horizontal channels deal with the Past, Present and Future of the Industry. The Past channel provides historical context for understanding where we are now, as explored in the Present channel; the Future channel looks at where the industry will be in 5, 10 or 20 years’ time.





All content on Leasing360 is licenced under a Creative Commons Licence, meaning that anyone is free to take and remix our content as long as they credit the author and the Foundation.



The Asset Finance Observatory


The Asset Finance Observatory is an industry research network for leasing and asset finance. It brings together the Foundation’s Fellows and their organisations to develop research projects that are designed, driven, and used by the industry.

The Asset Finance Observatory’s first project is a qualitative pilot study of SME perceptions of asset finance products. The aim of the project is to identify and define evolving customer needsunpack and redefine customer segments by examining factors including ownership structures, lifecycle stage and rate of growth and to analyse product promotions and sales processes to understand key moments of truth for SME customers.The project was developed at a Discovery Workshop held in London November 2013. The pilot phase of the research was undertaken in January and February 2014. A second workshop in March 2014 reviewed the results.

The project results, and our plans for future projects, are available at the dedicated Asset Finance Observatory website

The Asset Finance ObservatoryAsset finance can be beneficial for SMEs but awareness and take-up of products is low. The barriers usually identified are behavioural: negative perceptions and a general lack of awareness that these sources of finance exist. According to a recent Grant Thornton LLP industry survey, negative perceptions include that non-bank lenders are expensive and that they impose restrictive conditions on their lending.

Research had identified that while 95% of SMEs are aware of credit card finance, leasing/hire purchase is known by 85% per cent of SMEs but only 30% are aware of other forms of finance such as business angels, export/import finance, peer to peer lending, crowd sourcing or mezzanine finance. In the same study, 49% of SMEs would consider lease or hire purchase if refused bank financing, but only 16% would consider invoice finance.

One issue is clear from this project: SME finance products – whether bank, non-bank, captive, vendor or independent – are seen as broad, deep and complex. The names used for products are inconsistent, contradictory and hard to define and understand. Products are largely defined – usually negatively – as being ‘non-traditional’ lending. Terms like lease, operating lease, finance lease, or hire purchase are technical descriptions that relate to the relationship between lessor, lessee and asset; terms like asset-based finance, asset-backed finance and alternative finance describe broad types of financial solution. In contrast the traditional bank lending offer is simple: loan or overdraft.

The Asset Finance ObservatoryThe industry as a whole has done little to bring clarity to the product landscape – clarity that is much-needed by SMEs who need to make decisions. This especially true for those at the smaller end of the spectrum who lack the expertise of a finance director: only 23% of those responsible for making finance decisions in SMEs has a financial qualification or financial training, and only 9% of SMEs seek advice when applying for an overdraft. But the same is also true for businesses with finance directors who need timely, accessible and relevant information about financing options to allow them to operate effectively in inform commercial decisions. This information isn’t there.

Based on the analysis and discussion of the emerging issues in this first project, we have identified several projects we could pursue in the next phase of the SMEs and Asset Finance research. The projects will be resourced from the Foundation’s networks and aim to involve Governors and Fellows and their organisations. You can read more at the project website.


Redefining the Leasing Industry

Download the report (1Mb PDF)

redefining leasingv46

redefining leasingv4

Based on interviews across the industry with a wide audience of industry players, including thought-leaders, industry bodies and those in newer asset-based finance businesses, Redefining the Leasing Industry examines the wider context of hire/rental/managed service agreements and subscription agreements to develop a redefinition of the term leasing and ensure that the leasing industry is maintained with a separately distinguished range of products.

It is based on over 40 in-depth interviews to examine in detail how this redefinition is taking place and what the implications are for the future of the industry.


Watch Derek Soper talking about Redefining the Leasing Industry on Vimeo.



Download the report (1Mb PDF)


Our research and insights platform


Leasing360 is the Leasing Foundation’s research and insights platform


Leasing360 is the channel that we’ll use to publish the results of the Foundation’s research, along with insight and commentary from Foundation Governors, Fellows and industry experts and content from around the industry.

The Executive Producers – Sharon Butler, Scott Hussey, Kirstine Wilson, Christian Roelofs and Joanne Davis, supported by editors Peter Thomas and Carl Daufer – are responsible for pulling together our launch content which covers topics from lease evaluation, through education to philanthropy and human capital.

Leasing 360 is organised into three channels: present, past and future.

Past looks at the way the industry has developed and the history of its products and people. Present looks at all aspects of the current state of the industry and why businesses are turning to alternate forms of lending. Future examines how lessors can capitalise on new opportunities as leasing products become more flexible and customer focused.

Leasing360’s content is themed – products, diversity, SMEs, risk, and small-ticket leasing, for example, can be explored in our content and more themes will be added as we publish more articles.

We have also created Leasing Fundamentals – a set of related articles authored by Derek Soper –  that provide an invaluable context for anyone wanting to understand why the industry is as it is today and where it will be in the future.

This is an experiment in publishing by the industry, for the industry. It’s not perfect and we’d like to invite you to help us improve it. We’ll be opening up articles for commentary soon, but for the moment you can give us your valuable feedback by emailing us at:

Of course we’d also like you to contribute pieces on subjects you think the industry needs to think seriously about. All of our articles are published under a Creative Commons Licence, under your own byline, and permanently available on the site with a web address you can embed your own sites.

We’ll be sharing new articles as soon they are published on LinkedIn, Twitter and G+, and via the Leasing Foundation website.

We invite you to read and share our content.

September 2013, LONDON, UK

The Leasing Foundation First Annual Conference



The Leasing Foundation First Annual Conference banner

On 30 September 2013 the Leasing Foundation First Annual Conference brought Fellows and Governors together for the first time in serious discussion about the future of leasing and asset finance. The conference was opened by Chris Sullivan, Chief Executive, RBS Corporate Banking Division, with a keynote talk by  Lord Mervyn Davies CBE formerly Minister for Trade, Investment and Small Business, and now Chairman of Chime Communications. The conference was hosted by The Royal Bank of Scotland at 280 Bishopsgate, London.



October 2014, PARIS, FRANCE

The Leasing Foundation Second Annual Conference

OCTOBER 2-3 2014

The theme for the Leasing Foundation Second Annual Conference was VIVE LA DIFFÉRENCE.

The leasing and asset finance industry is one marked by difference – its solutions, its people and its role in the economy of Europe. The Leasing Foundation, an organisation founded around points of difference, invited you to debate, discuss, explore and celebrate a unique industry entering a critical time in its history. Delegates from around Europe joined us to explore a broader landscape for the future of the industry through innovation, to examine how we can develop people and organisations ready for the future, and to recognise and celebrate industry successes and individual contributions.



The Leasing Foundation Third Annual Conference

SEPTEMBER 10-11 2015
THE CRYSTAL One Siemens Brothers Way, Royal Victoria Docks London E16 1GB

The Crystal – a sustainable cities initiative by Siemens from The Leasing Foundation on Vimeo.

The venue for the Leasing Foundation’s Third Annual Conference on 10-11 September 2015 was The Crystal, a sustainable cities initiative by Siemens, at Royal Victoria Docks in London. The conference hosts for 2015 were Siemens Financial Services.

The theme of the conference was Building a Sustainable Future. 

The conference introduced an extended series of industry awards designed to recognise the contributions the of people and organisations who are building the future of the leasing and asset finance industry.


Our approach to philanthropy


Our aim is to bring focus and organisation to charitable activities in the industry, and to help the industry support new causes, events and charities.

The first philanthropic event organised by the Foundation was the Leasing Industry Charity Christmas Lunch 2012, which took place on December 14, 2012 at the Institute of Directors, London. The lunch raised funds for the Motor Neurone Disease Association and Macmillan Cancer Support.

The Leasing Industry Charity Christmas Lunch 2013, again held at the IoD on Pall Mall on 19 December raised over £28,000.  Funds were raised from the sale of tables, from an auction and raffle, from a fundraising challenge to each of the 17 lunch tables and from individual donations. The money raised will be split between Macmillan Cancer Support and the Motor Neurone Disease Association. Over £4,500 was raised through the generosity of individual attendees during the lunch.

The Foundation’s Second Annual Conference in Paris donated EUR10,000 to Karuna-Shechen, founded by Matthieu Ricard, that provides health care, education, and social services for the under-served people of India, Nepal, and Tibet.

The Leasing Industry Charity Christmas Lunch 2014  raised over £24,000 for motor neurone disease research at the Queen Square Centre for Neuromuscular Diseases and for Macmillan Cancer Support, and over £25,000 in 2015. 

The May 2015 Inaugural Innovation in Finance Lecture given by Lord Mervyn Davies raised over £5,000 for De Paul International and research at the Queens Square Centre for Neuromuscular Diseases.

If you would like to suggest or recommend a cause, event or activity we should be involved in, please contact us.

Our Directors talk about the Foundation


Our Directors and Governors talk about the Foundation.