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The Innovation Initiative.

A network built for the forward-thinkers of the industry.

What does the Innovation Initiative do?

The Innovation Initiative is a network for forward-thinking companies who want to understand the benefits of emerging technologies.

Our industry is behind the game in providing our customers with a good ‘journey’. This can be due to several reasons – including legacy systems, siloed organisational models, insufficient data or a lack of sight of what is available in the technology market.

The initiative aims to stimulate innovative solutions that address generic service problems, inspire new thinking about the benefits of new technologies and encourage collaboration and co-creation.

We host a series of free breakfast debates that focus on key technology and customer experience issues, help delegates become aware of the ever-expanding fintech landscape and explore how new technologies will transform the industry.

If you’d like to speak to members of the initiative or want to keep up-to-date, you can join our LinkedIn group, or contact us directly.

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