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The Innovation Initiative.

A network built for the forward-thinkers of the industry.

What does the Innovation Initiative do?

The Innovation Initiative is a network for forward-thinking professionals who want to understand the benefits of emerging technologies. Our purpose is to inspire new ideas through the promotion of tools and sharing of experiences to drive innovation across the industry.

We have two clear areas of focus:
1.Innovation Ideas – to bring together and hear about tech solutions, case studies, stories on innovation.
Aim: The audience should leave with an idea, an action, or a contact to take back to their respective businesses
Mechanism: a series of thought leadership breakfast seminars / panel discussions / debates with tech disruptors as speakers

2. Innovation Academy – an opportunity to hear from great innovators from within and outside the industry on how they drive change and new ideas
Aim: to upskill the industry in innovation methods by sharing perspectives on tools, techniques, behavioural science, communication methods, culture and mindset
Mechanism: workshops, roundtables, panels, field trips to innovation labs

All events and initiatives will provide the chance to connect with people from across the industry, inspire collaboration and shared learning. We have some exciting events coming up, including a chance to see innovation in practice and hear from those who have succeeded to go from idea to live.  Follow us on LinkedIn to keep in the loop!

We also would like your input on what you would like to hear about and any suggestions you have. Please take a minute to complete this survey.

Looking forward to seeing you at an event in the near future!

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