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The NextGeneration Network.

A network built for the future of the industry.

What does the NextGeneration Network do?

The NextGeneration Network is committed to making the business finance industry a destination of choice for the next generation of talented, career-minded young individuals across the UK.

We run high-quality networking events throughout the year, featuring a range of inspirational guest speakers. Each one of these sessions provides the next generation in our sector with the opportunity to meet senior leaders in a relaxed and informal setting.

The Foundation passionately encourages young people to expand their networks and to get to know their peers in an open and inclusive environment, giving them a significant advantage when it comes to seeking advice and guidance.

Future plans involve working collaboratively with the Finance & Leasing Association to promote broader industry education and an ongoing partnership with Asset Finance Connect to offer access to two of the most prominent industry conferences at significantly reduced rates.

If you’d like to speak to members of the NextGeneration Network, you can join our LinkedIn group or contact us directly.

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