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Leasing Foundation Innovation Initiative launches first event for 2023

This week we re-launched our Innovation Initiative programme with a seminar about the fight against change.

Matt Ashford from Gobeyond Partners provided an opening comment, stressing the importance of focusing on behaviour.  He said: “A bad idea breaks easily when put in contact with behaviour so we need to put innovations in the hands of users to see what needs to be changed. As we are all biased against change and bias trumps the analytical mind, we should design for Homer rather than Spock if we want to successfully land a new idea.”

Matt was followed by a brilliant panel consisting of Harriet Hanna from Funding Circle, Mariana Vidal from Acquis and Louise McIntosh from UTB and led by Cat Powell from Novuna. Besides dissecting the limitations of mantras such as ‘move fast and break things’ and ‘the importance of knowing your one way door from a two way door’, the panel stated that successful change is not measured only in time and budget terms, but also in positive feedback from the users.

Inspired by the speakers, all-important networking followed.  Strengthened by a cup of coffee and a bit of breakfast kindly provided by Funding Circle, we went back to work to continue to drive innovation forward in our industry.

More Innovation Initiative events will be announced soon.  Follow us on the Leasing Foundation Innovation Initiative group to keep up to date with news and events.