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Leasing Foundation Diversity & Inclusion – Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision

A diverse and inclusive leasing and asset finance industry where people feel happy, healthy, valued, and able to achieve their full potential.

Our Mission

To drive, influence and support positive industry change across diversity, inclusion, and wellbeing.

Our Group

The Group is made up of individuals from the leasing and asset finance industry, with a wide range of companies and perspectives represented.

In pursuit of its vision and mission, and in collaboration with others, the Group hosts events and networking opportunities. It also publishes blog posts which cover a wide range of relevant topics and issues.

The Group works with a focus on five key strands, each with the following ambition:

  • LGBTQ+ – We will create an industry LGBTQ+ network with the aim to inform and educate on the issues facing the LGBTQ+ community in the UK and abroad. We will also fundraise for related charities and provide mentorship and guidance to young LGBTQ+ professionals.
  • Disability – We will foster a better understanding of the practical issues affecting people with disabilities.  This will be achieved by raising management and employee awareness of all forms of disabilities and providing guidance and support.
  • Race & Ethnicity – We will raise awareness, stimulate discussion, and create connections on topics that link into race & ethnicity thus supporting improved diversity and inclusion across the industry.
  • Mental Health –We will promote inclusivity from ‘below the watermark’, including mental health, invisible conditions, and neurodiversity. We will put these topics firmly on the agenda to raise awareness, reduce stigma and promote mental wellbeing.
  • Inclusion – We will work across all strands and facets of underrepresentation, with a focus on education and support for affinity, allyship and intersectionality.