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Recruitment and employment support for neurodivergent employees/employers

Event date / location: 4 June 2024, Southampton, 6 – 8pm.

The Leasing Foundation is teaming up with the charity No Limits to discuss how organisations can recruit, hire, retain, and advance neurodivergent workers and benefit from the advantages of neurodiversity at work.

Neurodiversity represents a vast pool of talent that is often overlooked or underutilized in the workforce.  The staggering statistic of up to 80% unemployment among neurodivergent individuals highlights the urgent need for change in how companies approach recruitment and employment practices. By making simple accommodations, such as providing noise-cancelling headphones or offering flexible work arrangements, employers can unlock the potential of neurodivergent employees and create a more inclusive workplace.

Adjusting recruitment, selection, and career development policies to embrace neurodiversity is not only the right thing to do from a social perspective but also makes sound business sense. Research has shown that diverse teams are more innovative and better at problem-solving, which can lead to improved business performance and competitive advantage. 

By embracing neurodiversity, companies have the opportunity to tap into a wealth of untapped talent and drive innovation and growth.

The evening will conclude with networking and soft drinks.          

About this event

This event will take place on Tuesday 4 June 2024, 6pm – 8pm at No Limits in Southampton (SO14 2DF)

Topic: Recruitment and employment support for neurodivergent employees/employers – during the discussion, explore practical strategies for accommodating neurodivergent workers and how to foster an inclusive culture in your business.


18.00             Arrivals, registrations and welcome

18.30             Discussion

19.15             Networking

20.00             Close

Join us!

Location: No Limits Advice Centre, 13 High Street, Southampton, SO14 2DF

Date: Tuesday 4 June 2024

Time: 6 – 8.00pm

Dress code:  Smart casual.

Cost: Free with opportunities to donate to No Limits on the day and find out how you can support in other ways

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About No Limits

No Limits offers free information, advice and help to children and young people under the age of 26 in Hampshire, the Isle of Wight, Portsmouth and Southampton.

Whatever the issue, whether it’s around mental health, housing and homelessness, sexual health, substance use, money, or anything else, No Limits’ trained youth workers are available to support, advise and educate individuals, helping them to grow in confidence, manage their lives and build a brighter future.

Watch the video to find out more.

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